Our Story

The Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation was the dream of four long-time golfing buddies, Bob Goodman, Stuart Levinsky, Steve Zinberg and Jay Bacher. It began in 1996 as The Dr. Jay Golf Classic. "The Jay" grew in scope and stature to become a registered Charitable Foundation. Since the first Dr. Jay Golf Classic in 1996 the tournament raised millions of dollars. Little did these four friends know how far their dream would grow!

Today, the Foundation is a family made up of many wonderful people who care enough to give of themselves in order to raise much needed funds.

Board of Members

  • Jay Bacher, President
  • Robert Goodman, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Gord Kirke
  • Fred Dimson
  • Scott Morrison

Advisory Board

  • Elinor Caplan
  • Michael (Pinball) Clemons
  • Dr. Adam Rapoport


Since 2006, The Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation focused its entire support on the Dr. Jay Children's Grief Centre. This program provides grief counseling to dying children and to children whose parent or sibling is dying. Dr Jay Children's Grief Center logo

The Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation has established and supported the following:

In 2009 The Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation was awarded the Ontario Palliative Care Association Outstanding Philanthropist Award.