The Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation focuses its support on the Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Program. This program provides grief counseling to dying children and to children whose parent or sibling is dying.
Accomplishments to Date

We have built, established and continue to support the following:
  • The Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Program
  • The Magic Castle* Princess Margaret Hospital
  • Dr. Jay Planet Playrooms* Toronto-Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre
  • Hospital for Sick Children (2 rooms)
  • Rouge Valley Health Systems
  • Wellspring** Sunnybrook-Women's College Hospital Campus
  • Dr. Jay Teen Lounge Canuck Place***
  • Dr. Jay Playroom Canuck Place***
  • Pediatric Palliative Care Wing Darling Home for Kids****
  • Dr. Jay Dining Room and Quiet Pines Meditation Area***** Camp Oochigeas
  • Diversional Therapy Princess Margaret Hospital
  • Prostate Cancer Support Group Man To Man

  • In 2009 the Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation was awarded the Ontario Palliative Care Association Outstanding Philanthropist Award.

* These playrooms are free, safe, supervised play care centres for sick children or children of parents or siblings undergoing cancer treatment.

** Wellspring is a support centre for patients with cancer.

*** Canuck Place is the only Pediatric Hospice, respite, palliative centre in Canada.

**** Darling Home for Kids is the only Pediatric Hospice, respite, palliative care centre in Ontario.

***** Camp Oochigeas is the only camp in Ontario that is attended by children with cancer who are presently going through Radiation and Chemotherapy.
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