We provide funding, support, resources and awareness for dying children and for children whose loved one is dying or has died.

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Let's unite all children's grief organizations, bring them and all available resources together!

The Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation's Dream Goal is to help unite and support Children's Grief efforts all over North America and the world. Join us as we prepare resources to bring the best supports available into the hands of children's grief networks everywhere. Not only are we working to bring processed and teachable processes used in our own Grief Program, we are teaming up with resource and content providers to present the best evidence-based approach to family and children's grief counselling in the world Join Us!


Our Vision

We see a time when all families needing pediatric palliative care for a terminally ill child will have ready access to all information, services and range of options whether available in hopsital, hospice, communities or at home. There will be comprehensive programs to support children who are dying or experiencing the death of a loved one.

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