In Memory of Olivia Wise

Olivia Wise passed late last year after suffering with brain cancer. Olivia was univerally admired after a video was published of Olivia performing Katy Perry's hit song "Roar", followed by the pop star's online response and further publicity.

Her family continues to receive support from the Grief Program and wishes to raise funds for the centre through their LivWise Fund.

A Message from Olivia Wise's mother to Dr. Jay

The LivWise Foundation is honoured to join hands with The Dr. Jay Children's Grief Program! Through the terrible decline of Olivia's illness and still now months after, The Dr. Jay team of experienced, caring and dedicated grief counsellors have held our hands in a way that truly encouraged and supported us to cope with our extreme heartbreak, our fears, and the loss we were facing. The fact that Colleen, our grief counsellor, was willing to come to our home weekly to sit with each of Olivia's siblings and then with either myself and/or my husband afterward was something we grew to look forward to. We knew we had someone who really cared to help us through our pain, and showed a real softness and appreciation for what we were going through. All of us at the LivWise Foundation want other children and their families to be able to benefit from the amazing gift of healing that The Dr. Jay Children's Grief Program has to offer. We want to work together to raise awareness of the LivWise Foundation, which is based on finding a cure for brain cancer as well as helping terminally ill children and there families cope through their rocky road. We hope that by giving our full support and raising money for The Dr. Jay, we can help to insure that all grieving children and their families will be able to receive the free grief counselling that they need.

Kari Winemaker Wise (Olivia's mother)

Katy Perry's Message to Olivia Wise

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