The Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation was the dream of four long-time golfing buddies, Bob Goodman, Stuart Levinsky, Steve Zinberg and Jay Bacher. It began in 1996 as The Dr. Jay Golf Classic. "The Jay" has since grown in scope and stature to become a registered Charitable Foundation. Since the first Dr. Jay Golf Classic in 1996 the tournament has raised over $4,000,000. Little did these four friends know how far their dream would grow.

Today, the Foundation is a family made up of many wonderful people who care enough to give of themselves in order to raise much needed funds.
Children's Grief Support
The Dr. Jay Children's Grief Centre provides support and education to children and their families when a significant person in their life is dying or has died. Our counsellors provide guidance on the needs of these bereaved children and young people.

Whatever the child's age, we help you figure out what to say and what words to use.

We also work directly with children, youth and their families to provide support in their grieving, using creative approaches to help them learn about dying and death. We help children and youth to make sense of what is happening.

We host special group events to bring together children and families who have had similar experiences, including a weekend-long bereavement camp called Camp Erin Toronto. This gives them the opportunity to meet other young people and lets them know they are not alone.

We can also help you find other programs and services that will offer additional support and information.

Mission Statement
The Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation provides Palliative Care funding and support for children, helping families face terminal illness with dignity and determination.

Vision Statement
The Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation will be recognized as a leader in uniting donors, volunteers and beneficiaries to create programs to assist the families of children who are terminally ill and to support children who are experiencing the death of a loved one.

Who do we serve?
We work with children of all ages — infants to young adults — and their families, when a significant person in their life is dying or has died.

We don't have the resources to cover the entire Greater Toronto Area, however, so check the map to make sure you live within our service area.

How can I be referred to the Dr. Jay Children's Grief Centre?
If you think there is a child or young person in your family who could benefit from the help and support of our counsellors, please fax a completed referral form to us at 416.586.4804 or call us at 416.586.4800 x6664. 

Is there a cost for the Dr. Jay Children's Grief Centre?
No, there is no cost to you. All of our counselling sessions and programs are free. 
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